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Commercial Printing

Through leveraging these positive sales factors, Post Print has also been implementing digital media initiatives during the past few years to enable it to offer a ‘total printing solution’ to its existing and new customers. It has also been promoting its ‘one-stop services’ concept – which includes designing, copywriting and printing – together with its quality printing services for brochures, annual reports, and product catalogues and leaflets. Moreover, Post Print particularly distinguished itself with delivery of free publications or free copies to clients’ target readership via surface mail and other channels. This has been achieved by employing an experienced and professional printing team, together with using the most advanced printing technology available.

These factors have enabled the Post Print unit to continue to contribute increasing revenue, and to achieve sustained year-on-year business growth in the past years, including 2015. For 2016 and beyond, Post Print will continue production of its traditional print media products – for itself as well as its own clients. At the same time, Post Print aims to be increasingly active in the digital media production business – such as designing, copywriting and publishing e-books and e-catalogues, as well as designing and implementing corporate websites.

Updated: End of 2015


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