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A special section on the AEC and SMEs related news, called Section C, continues to give the newspaper increased relevance and appeal. At the weekend, the Post Today's enhanced 'Saturday Magazine' continues to include more and varied lifestyle related topics which are of interest to regular readers, while each edition also specifically focuses on the interests of various demographic groups. Given today's challenging economic environment and the government's ongoing focus on managing the economy in a more positive manner, as a core business related media Post Today has initiated a new Macro Economic Section to highlight the government’s proactive macro economics management activities.

The above ongoing enhancements to the Post Today newspaper activities are aimed at differentiating it from similar news products, as well as to continue broadening its print readership base and online potential that appeals to different generations and increasing the advertiser base.

Updated: End of 2015

Post Today's main sections:

A : general economics, politics and sports:

Section A consists of Headline news, Political news, Local news - Bangkok and Provincial, Sport news, International news, and financial news. Furthermore, there are special report and related articles from columnists.

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